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MISTER L.G.B, Coffee beans


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75% MALAWI Mangochi District SABLE FARMS


Once a year we are looking for a way to blend in some Kenyan coffee in our green bags to let out all the fruit and punch. Ideal for spring, no? Not more than 25% in total and combined with a coffee with a big body but low acidity.

The SABLE FARMS, out of Mangochi District in Malawi, ticks all the boxes when it comes down to big body and low acidity. It has some sweetness and a nice chocolate undertone as well. The only thing missing to make this one a the perfect ‘milk coffee’ is the acidity …. from Kenya.

On eco level: Sable Farms uses drip irrigation systems, solar coffee dryers, and they compost the cherries after they’ve removed them from the beans. They also filter and reuse the water that they’ve used to wash the cherries from the beans.

On social level: Sable Farms provides health insurance for workers and their families, and built a school on their Ngapani coffee estate in the Mangochi District.

The Kenyan part will kick off with our KIRANGA small estate lot from the Kirinyaga region. For the second term of this blend we use the all famous AB from WEITHAGA Muranga. Both coffees are similar and should provide the ‘sharp kick’ we need to cut through the sweetness of the full fat milk.

The main goal of this Mister L.G.B. blend is to provide a stable base for all your milk drinks like cappuccino, flat white or latte. But how does this blend of beans and its medium roast sounds for filter brewing? Or can it serve as an ideal coffee for a fruity and clean espresso? Be my guest….and let me know your results….


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